Repair Mouth With Strong Dental Crowns and Bridges in St. Louis

Cavities or damaged teeth are often a fact of life, and so it’s important to find the right dentist to rebuild your smile. We can strengthen your teeth and restore your mouth with all-ceramic dental crowns and bridges in St. Louis. Our restorations:

  • Improve function in the mouth so you can eat whatever you’d like
  • Eliminate dental pain, infection, and discomfort
  • Give you an attractive,natural-looking smile
  • Include no distracting metal

Fix your smile flaws today with elite restorative dentistry. Call The DentaLink today to book your visit at our South County office, 314-334-1474.

Our Custom Restorations Rebuild Your Smile

The DentaLink uses state-of-the-art technology to design and place dental crowns and bridges. We can access your dental needs during the first dental cleaning and exam. We oversee the entire process. Every restoration we place is designed in-house, so patients never have to worry about added lab fees or extended waits. We can also make easy adjustments to the restoration. Here are the big advantages of our dental crowns:

  • Repair damage from extensive dental decay or root infection
  • Restore single dental implants
  • Cover up chips, cracks, broken teeth, or even heavy stains
  • Only use all-ceramic, high-strength materials like e.max and zirconium
  • Use digital scanner to take impression (so no goopy material goes in your mouth)
  • Onsite software lets us design the perfect-fitting crown
  • Create crowns in our practice instead of using outside dental lab

Replace Missing Teeth Without The Hassle

A dental bridge consists of three or more dental crowns and is used to replace single missing teeth or several missing teeth adjacent to each other. Just like the dental crown, we’ll use digital scans and our own milling station to design the restoration. Bridges perfectly blend in with your smile and can last for years, but we’ll need to prepare nearby teeth to support it. Once we file down a tooth, it will always need a restoration.

Instead of placing bridges to replace missing teeth, some patients would rather replace missing teeth with dental implants. The implant only addresses the missing tooth and there is no need to prepare nearby teeth. Dentists everywhere commonly refer to dental implants as the strongest tooth replacement option in dentistry. Implants are durable, strong, and never get cavities.

Dental crowns and bridges are a tremendous way to restore your mouth for function and beauty. Don’t let your smile slip away. Correct damaged teeth or decayed teeth with the restoration that fits your budget and smile goals. If cost is a concern, check out our payment options to see how we’re making treatments more affordable.

Give The DentaLink a call today at 314-334-1474 or use the online form to request your first appointment with our St. Louis dental team.

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