Straighten Teeth in a Few Months With Fastbraces in St. Louis

Patients no longer need to spend years in orthodontics to achieve straighter teeth. Using Fastbraces in St. Louis gives patients a better smile in as few ast 100 days — about the time it takes the seasons to change. Other advantages of Fastbraces include:

  • Less time in braces
  • Less sensitivity through treatment
  • Improved oral health and overall confidence
  • Reduced risk of tooth structure loss
  • Less care needed after treatment is finished

The DentaLink is the place to correct all of your orthodontic needs in South County. Let us help you achieve a better, healthier smile. Call our dental office at 314-334-1474 to book a consultation in our office.

Fastbraces Treatment Is Fast & Affordable

Drs. Link use Fastbraces to treat patients with alignment problems, crooked teeth, and even bite issues. The treatment is so popular because it’s one of the only short-term orthodontic systems that can treat moderate or severe orthodontic issues. As the treatment time is much shorter than traditional braces, it’s also typically less expensive. Plus, Dr. Allan Link was recently awarded Master Provider status for his Fastbraces work.

Here’s how it works so quickly:

  • Moves Tooth Crown and Root at Same Time — Most orthodontic systems move the root and crown in two phases, but Fastbraces treatment moves every part of the tooth simultaneously, reducing treatment time. This is thanks to the treatment’s unique triangular-shaped brackets, which are tooth-colored and match the smile.
  • Super-Elastic Wire — Rather than putting patients through multiple wire changes, Fastbraces treatment uses only one heat-activated wire. That means fewer checkups and NO wire tightenings or changes.
  • Less Time With Retainer —  After most orthodontic treatments, patients are often asked to wear retainers 24 hours a day in some cases. That’s not the case for Fastbraces. Once the braces are off, you’ll only have to wear a retainer for only 15 minutes a day.

For Another Option, Straighten Teeth Without Braces

Fastbraces treatment is a great option for working professionals and adults who want straight teeth fast! But some patients simply don’t want to deal with braces at all. The DentaLink has an option for those patients, too. We use Invisalign, a clear orthodontic solution that uses a series of trays to move teeth into a better position. During the first consultation, we’ll take a digital scan of your teeth and plan out every step of the treatment, so you know exactly what to expect.

Invisalign has many user-friendly benefits:

  • The trays are removable for easier eating and cleaning (but you need to wear the trays for at least 20 hours a day)
  • Treatment is virtually invisible!
  • Treatment typically takes only 12 to 18 months
  • No metal or attachments of any kind means more comfort
  • No damage to sensitive soft tissue from brackets or wires

Straight teeth look great and are healthier for your smile. For more information on Fastbraces in St. Louis, call the office, 314-334-1474.

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