Mouthguards in St. Louis Protect Your Teeth from Damage

You may suit up with a helmet, safety pads, or other protective gear if you play sports. If you don’t include a mouthguard, you’re exposing a vulnerable part of your body. Athletes who don’t wear sports mouthguards are 60 times more likely to experience dental damage, according to the American Dental Association. Our dentists can fit you for mouthguards in St. Louis that keep your teeth safe while you play.

Our athletic mouthguards:

If you want a mouthguard for sports, call The DentaLink at 314-334-1474.

Address Other Dental Issues With Custom Mouthguards

We can fit you for custom mouthguards for other issues too, such as bruxism. Ask us about our mouthguard options for:

    Sleep Apnea – To keep your airway free of obstruction while you sleep, a custom-made mouthguard gently moves your jaw forward. Bruxism (Teeth Grinding) – A mouthguard can protect your teeth from chips and other destructive effects of teeth grinding. TMJ Disorders – A mouthguard can relieve tension on your TMJ to give your jaw a chance to heal. Headaches – Our dentists may prescribe an FDA-approved mouthguard called an NTI to relieve chronic headaches, even migraines.

Take Care of Your Mouthguard to Keep It in Good Shape

To ensure your athletic mouthguard will last a long time and to get the most benefit from it:

We’ll fit you for mouthguards in St. Louis that protect your smile from dental damage. Call 314-334-1474 for an appointment.

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