Restore Your Gums with Gum Disease Treatment in St. Louis

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Bacteria and infection can form below your gumline with no visible signs early on. That’s why we recommend twice-yearly cleanings and exams at The DentaLink. If we find any evidence of gum problems, our St. Louis gum disease treatment can:

  • Clean up your gums and get your smile back on track
  • Use gentle laser treatment if needed
  • Give you a more attractive smile, helping you avoid embarrassing social situations
  • Help prevent bigger oral health and total body health problems

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Treat Your Gums to Our Expert Care

Gum disease begins innocently enough. Bacteria in your mouth feed on sugars contained in the foods and beverages you take in, leaving sticky plaque behind. Left alone, plaque can turn into tartar and begin to form pockets of infection below the gumline. Severe gum disease can even result in tooth loss.

Our goal is to catch and treat gum disease well before it ever gets to that level. For many of our patients, a “deep cleaning” consisting of scaling and root planing will get their gums back into shape. We’ll first remove (scale) tartar and bacteria below your gums, then smooth (plane) the roots to make it difficult for bacteria to grow back.

If your gum disease is more advanced, we offer comfortable LANAP treatment using a low-power laser. Using varying wavelengths of light, this innovative treatment will remove damaged gum tissue without harming any healthy tissue.

At the same time, the laser will seal the tissue so your gums can begin to heal. Best of all, LANAP treatment doesn’t require any cutting or stitches – unlike traditional gum surgery. Our patients love this aspect of it!

Get your healthy smile back with gum disease treatment in St. Louis, MO. Call 314-334-1474 today to schedule an appointment.

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