Oral Cancer: Who Is Most At Risk? [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s Oral Cancer Awareness Month, so our team at The DentaLink wants to make sure you know all about the risks and how to best protect your health. Take a look at today’s infographic to see who’s most at risk for oral cancer, and then be sure to get a routine screening at your next dental appointment in Ballwin, MO! Call The DentaLink today at either 636-496-8584 (Ballwin) or ...

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Hear Why Athletic Mouthguards Are A Great Investment! [VIDEO]

This spring sports season, make sure the athletes you care about have the right protection against dental injuries. Here’s Dr. Allen Link explaining why getting your mouthguard from an experienced dentist is such an important investment! Keep your smile safe and get your custom mouthguard now! Call us today at either 636-496-8584 (Ballwin) or 314-334-1474 (St. Louis) or fill out our ...

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Final Straws For Smile Flaws & Cosmetic Solutions [BLOG]

Are you unhappy with your smile? Do you ever think about what it would be like to have a white, straight, flawless smile that made you look and feel beautiful? Our dentists in St. Louis, MO and Ballwin, MO have a question for you, then. How unhappy do you need to be about your dental flaws before you do something about them? Some Final Straws For Smile Flaws Here are a few examples of ...

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Should I Get Cosmetic Dentistry This Spring? [QUIZ]

Don’t you love seeing the first signs of spring? Welcoming this new season is an inspiring time each year where we focus on beginning anew. Why not welcome spring with a new smile with cosmetic dentistry at The DentaLink? We offer an array of treatment options in Ballwin and St. Louis, MO to choose from, so take a minute to answer these questions to see if one of them could be right ...

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Hear Why Patients Love Our Dental Team In Ballwin, MO! [VIDEO]

If anyone can speak to the level of care you’ll receive from our dental team in Ballwin and St. Louis, MO, it’s Kimberly. She not only worked as a member of our staff at The DentaLink, but she’s one of our patients, too! Check out today’s video to hear Kimberly offer unique insight into what makes our team special and why you’ll love bringing your family to The DentaLink as much ...

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Do I Have Gum Disease? [QUIZ]

Nearly half of American adults have gum disease and don’t realize it. So how can you avoid being one of them? Part of fighting periodontal infection involves routine dental cleanings and exams at The DentaLink. Your home oral hygiene regimen is the other part of fighting gum disease. That’s why it’s important to know what signs to look for! Take our quiz to see if you have any ...

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3 Ways To Protect Your Child’s Smile [BLOG]

Happy Children’s Dental Health Month from your family dentists at The DentaLink! Nothing makes us happier than seeing you and your children flash bright, healthy smiles in our Ballwin, MO and St. Louis, MO dental offices during your routine checkups. To keep those smiles healthy, we’re dedicated to educating families about best oral hygiene and dental care practices at every stage. ...

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Meet Your New Family Dentist In St. Louis, MO! [VIDEO]

You deserve a skilled, experienced dentist who can make your family’s dental care as comfortable and convenient as possible. That’s why we want you to meet your new family dentists at The DentaLink! Drs. Allan and Andrew Link and our team can treat a wide range of dental problems at every stage so everyone in your household gets the advanced care and healthy smiles they ...

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Can Sleep Apnea Treatment Improve Your Life? [QUIZ]

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably set up a few goals for the new year. You might plan on improving your diet, getting more exercise, or taking up a new hobby. How successful will you be if you’re not getting enough sleep? Take today’s quiz, courtesy of our team at The DentaLink, to see if sleep apnea treatment could help you wake up feeling rested, refreshed, and ...

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Learn The Proper Way To Brush Your Teeth! [VIDEO]

At the start of each new year, we all give at least some thought to the ways we can improve our health. Our team at The DentaLink thinks the perfect place to start is by sharing a video from the American Dental Association about the proper way to brush your teeth! Check it out to make sure you’re following their recommendations for best oral hygiene practices, and then remember to count ...

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