Cosmetic Dentistry Starts With Listening [VIDEO]

Even the most experienced, talented dentist can have trouble giving a patient the smile he or she truly wants. How can that be, you might wonder? It’s because everyone has their own version of beauty in mind when they pursue a brand new smile with cosmetic dentistry. That’s why, as you’ll hear from Dr. Link in today’s video, listening to our patients is the crucial first step in ...

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Try A Virtual Smile Assessment! [PHOTO]

We’re always looking for ways to improve patients’ lives with advanced, high-quality dental care. Oftentimes, that means taking advantage of technology for those who aren’t ready or able to visit us for an in-office appointment just yet to find out more about how we can fix their smiles. Today, we’re sharing a new option that allows you to hear directly from one of our skilled dentists ...

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Here’s What You Can Expect At A Dental Exam [VIDEO]

Because the majority of your dental care involves routine dental cleanings and exams, it’s important to us that these appointments are thorough and comfortable. That way any extra time you spend in our chair is for treatment you want on your own terms to enhance the appearance of your smile because your mouth is already healthy. Here’s a message from Dr. Drew Link about what you can ...

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Visit Our Open Dentist Office In Ballwin, MO! [LETTER]

You can now visit our open dentist office in Ballwin, MO! We look forward to seeing our patients again and helping you and your family achieve great oral health! Call The DentaLink now at 636-496-8584 or fill out our online form to schedule your next appointment. What to Expect Before Your Next Appointment Once our team has contacted you and confirmed your appointment, you will get a ...

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Relieving Tooth Sensitivity With Dental Fillings [VIDEO]

When Oddie was struggling with tooth sensitivity to foods and drinks that were too hot or too cold, he turned to our team in Ballwin, MO for help. Check out today’s video to hear him talk about that experience and how we relieved his painful dental problem with tooth-colored fillings. The added benefit to our fillings is that we can match them to your desired color preference so they ...

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Can You Respond Well To Various Dental Emergencies? [QUIZ]

Our top priority is the health and safety of our patients, which is why we’re still available to treat painful dental problems that need urgent care. There’s enough to stress about in these uncertain times to have to suffer from a throbbing toothache or other unexpected dental disaster and not be able to find the treatment you need. To optimize a successful outcome if you or someone in ...

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Dental Implants Were This Patient’s Life-Changing Solution! [VIDEO]

We’re often asked what we find most rewarding about the work we do at The DentaLink, and today’s video easily captures why we love helping patients build healthier smiles. We invite you to listen to Mike’s remarkable journey toward better, stronger teeth with dental implants and why he’s so grateful to Dr. Link for helping him make such a worthy, life-changing investment in his ...

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We Know How To Relieve Dental Anxiety! [VIDEO]

Dr. Drew Link admits to his own struggles with dental anxiety, but it’s one of the reasons he’s able to help patients with similar negative feelings about visiting the dentist feel more at ease. Listen to today’s video message where Dr. Drew explains some of the ways our comfortable, convenient care helps relieve many of the common stresses people experience with dental ...

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Listen To This Before You Buy An Athletic Mouthguard! [VIDEO]

Spring athletes have likely been training and conditioning for several weeks by now, but it’s never too late to give your smile the right protection against injuries to your teeth, jaw, and head. But before you head to the nearest sporting goods store, listen to today’s video message from Dr. Allan Link about the advantages of an athletic mouthguard custom-made by your dentist. Keep ...

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Expect Patient-Centered Care From Our Amazing Dental Staff! [VIDEO]

We know that providing the exceptional, patient-centered care you deserve wouldn’t be possible were it not for our amazing dental staff here in Ballwin, MO. That’s why we want to show our appreciation for the good work they do every single day to make our practice your home for high-quality dentistry. Check out Kimberly’s take on what makes our dental staff special and The DentaLink a ...

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