Get An Athletic Mouthguard For Summer Sports! [BLOG]

A bright Saturday afternoon at the baseball park can take a dark turn if your favorite athlete is struck in the mouth by a bat or a pop fly.

That’s why a mouthguard is just as important as any other piece of equipment they use or protective gear they wear.

But you can’t rely on just any mouthguard to safeguard their teeth and gums.

You need one that’s custom-made by one of our dentists at The DentaLink! It’s the only way to get a snug fit, adequate coverage, and better protection against blunt force injuries!

Why Athletic Mouthguards Should Be Custom-Made

Althletic mouthguards from a dentist are superior to anything you’ll find on the market. Here are a few reasons you should rethink buying a generic mouthguard from a store, and visit your Ballwin dentist instead!

*To Preserve Your Dental Health*

Maybe in the short-term, you’d be saving time and money by buying a mouthguard from a sporting goods store. But if you consider the time and money you could spend on costly dental treatments and multiple appointments to repair or replace a tooth when that cheap mouthguard fails, it makes much more sense to invest in a custom mouthguard from a dentist.

Damaged or missing teeth because of sports-related injuries are the sort of dental problems that can be easily avoided if you make a wise investment from the start with a fully customized athletic mouthguard made especially for you.

*To Enhance Performance*

Any athlete knows their performance is largely based on their ability to focus during a game. Even the slightest distraction can put them, and their teammates, in harm’s way.

You’re having to move and change directions quickly, which means you can’t be hindered by loose, poorly-fitting gear that will steal your attention or get in your way.

An athletic mouthguard is part of that gear, so performance is enhanced when you have one that’s custom-made to fit snugly and comfortably by a skilled dentist.

*To Protect Your Teeth*

When you’re using a store-bought mouthguard, even one you can adjust to fit like a boil-and-bite product, it will never fit over your teeth perfectly. Without full coverage, you’re not getting full protection.

If the mouthguard doesn’t cover teeth completely, or if it slides around because of a poor fit overall, you’re at a much higher risk for broken, loose, or knocked-out teeth in the face of blunt contact to the mouth.

For full customization, comfort, and protection, you need an experienced dentist who has the right tools to measure your mouth precisely.

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