Final Straws For Smile Flaws & Cosmetic Solutions [BLOG]

Are you unhappy with your smile?

Do you ever think about what it would be like to have a white, straight, flawless smile that made you look and feel beautiful?

Our dentists in St. Louis, MO and Ballwin, MO have a question for you, then.

How unhappy do you need to be about your dental flaws before you do something about them?

Some Final Straws For Smile Flaws

Here are a few examples of the kind of moments people with smile flaws can relate to, moments that serve as the final straw that finally brought them to The DentaLink for cosmetic dentistry !

*You Let Your Guard Down & Exposed Your Teeth Stains*

You were recently at a party with some friends, and you met several new, interesting acquaintances. One person, in particular, was hilarious!

At first, you did your usual thing – covered your mouth with your hand when you laughed, kept your lips tightly pressed together when you smiled – all so they wouldn’t see how stained your teeth are.

But that one joke just came out of nowhere and had you doubled over in laughter!

And that’s when it happened. You forgot all about your dingy smile for a second, let your guard down, and exposed the stains!

You admit to yourself that it felt really good to just be in the moment, having a great time with a new friend and not thinking about anything else but what was right in front of you.

But you hate that they saw your yellow teeth.

*Your Last Dental Checkup Didn’t Go So Well*

You’re embarrassed about your chipped, worn, or misshapen teeth.

Your teeth are healthy, but you’ve let the damage go for a long time and have watched it get worse little by little.

You’ve also noticed that your teeth are a bit more sensitive lately, especially when it comes to hot or cold food and drinks, but it’s not a constant, throbbing pain, so you ignore it.

Now, at your latest dental checkup, the dentist delivers the bad news. Those flaws that you once considered a cosmetic problem have turned into an oral health problem, and you’re told you need to restore your damaged, worn teeth because bacteria has worked its way inside and begun a process of deterioration.

Perfect. If only you’d done something about it sooner.

*You Got Food Stuck Between Your Crooked Teeth*

You have a few teeth that are only slightly crooked or overlapping.

You don’t like it, but you don’t hate it enough to get braces, for goodness sake! Having metal brackets and wires on your teeth would be going backwards, and you don’t want to revisit the awkwardness of adolescence, that’s for sure! Too bad you didn’t know yet that there are alternatives to traditional braces, like Invisalign, that uses clear aligners to straighten teeth. 

And oh, the wretched fortune of ignorance! If only you’d known!

Here you are, on a date you’ve been looking forward to for so long, and you’re in the restroom after dinner and spot a huge piece of dark green lettuce lodged perfectly between two teeth… front and center.

Your salad came before the meal! How long have you been carrying on a conversation with this person, laughing and smiling and flirting like an idiot?!

You rinse your mouth out quickly with water and watch that tiny green monster slosh around in the sink, circling closer and closer to the drain, wishing you could disappear into the pipes right along with it.

*Your Rainy Day Fund Is Collecting Dust*

You’re a good saver.

You have a secure job, great benefits, an emergency fund, and even some money tucked away for a rainy day.

And it’s collecting dust.

That’s because you keep living in Someday City. You watch all your friends take fun road trips and lavish vacations, attend concerts, drive nice cars. Delaying gratification is the mark of a true, mature adult, and you’re just waiting for that one day when you discover something you really want that will be worth it.

You splurge every now and then, but you’re too responsible to impulsively throw your hard-earned money at just anything. You were raised better than that, right? 

But all those things, while enjoyable, are fleeting.

It’s not irresponsible to spend your money on a worthwhile investment, and believe it or not, getting a beautiful smile that will make you happy is a worthwhile investment!

*Someone Shared Your Photo On Social Media*

Maybe there are a couple of close friends or family members who know you hate your smile. Because of that, they’re pretty respectful of your feelings and are careful not to share any pictures that might include you on social media… at least not without asking you first.

But you can’t catch them all!

Without warning, a photo with your smiling face made its way to your timeline, and you’re mortified. You could swear you changed your settings so people couldn’t do that, but maybe you just meant to and got sidetracked. You untag yourself as soon as you see it, but the damage is done. It was posted for a day or two before you caught it.

Sure, you know you’re not supposed to care what people think, but the truth is, you do care.

And you’re embarrassed by your flawed smile.


Cosmetic Solutions!

Whatever has you feeling low about the problems with your smile, our team can provide a solution with any number of our wide-ranging cosmetic dentistry services like:


  • Teeth whitening treatment
  • Tooth bonding
  • Gum reshaping
  • Tooth contouring & crown lengthening
  • Orthodontics
  • Dental veneers
  • A complete smile makeover!


Once we evaluate your dental health and determine you’re ready for cosmetic treatment, we’ll go over all your options so you can feel confident and excited about your decision!

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Maybe you can relate to some of these final straw moments.

And maybe you’ve even told yourself already that you’ve had enough of living with unsightly smile flaws but just haven’t taken the first step to fix them.

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You don’t have to wait around for that rock bottom moment when your dental flaws make you feel insecure and unhappy once again. That’s because our team is waiting to help you choose the cosmetic solution that will turn dental disasters into a gorgeous, flawless smile!

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