5 Oral Health Tips For The Holidays [LIST]

Throughout all your celebrating this season, your friends at The DentaLink want to help you maintain good oral health and a bright smile.

That’s why we’re sharing this list of our best tips for protecting your teeth and gums as you enjoy the holidays.

We also want to remind you to visit us after the festivities are over so you can begin the new year with strong teeth, a healthy mouth, and a beautiful smile!


5 Oral Health Tips For The Holidays

  1. Keep up with your daily oral hygiene regimen despite the changes to your normal routine and surroundings.
  2. Enjoy holiday sweets that are packed with sugar and refined carbohydrates in moderation to keep your risk for decay and cavities low.
  3. Rinse your mouth out with water after meals and snacks to wash away food particles and sugary residue and to keep your mouth clean.
  4. Don’t use your teeth to open presents and packages to prevent dental damage.
  5. Don’t let the stress of the holidays tempt you to clench down on your jaw or grind your teeth so you don’t unwittingly chip or damage your teeth.


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