2 Important Ways Dental Implants Can Change Your Life! [BLOG]

It’s not necessarily easy to replace missing teeth right away.

That’s especially true if your fear of the dentist is what led to the deterioration of your dental health and tooth loss to begin with!

But the sooner you replace a lost tooth, the wider your treatment options are and the more control you will have over the results and what they will do for your quality of life.

So if you struggle with dental anxiety, our team at The DentaLink will do everything we can to make you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible because that’s the only way you’ll have the courage to turn the fate of your oral and overall health around!

Once you’re here, your Ballwin dentist will help you explore all your options and see which is best for you!

Life Changes With Dental Implants!

No other tooth replacement strategy renders the most lifelike results as a dental implant. Instead of just filling in a gap where a tooth used to be, an implant goes inside your jaw to replace the root, too.

The implant will attach itself to your jawbone so the abutment and restoration on top of it will stay put. And that’s no exaggeration!

Because you’re going to be able to chew harder foods again, your jawbone will stay constantly engaged. Over time, that stimulation will generate more healthy bone growth and lasting strength.

This is why anchoring new teeth with dental implants can make such a life-changing difference for our tooth loss patients!

*Eat Joyfully*

Let’s be honest. There is little joy in eating a diet that’s limited to soft, bland foods.

But that’s the fate of anyone who has lost teeth or has to wear conventional dentures.

It is, fortunately, a fate you can avoid if you secure your replacement teeth to dental implants because it fuses with your jawbone.

The bite power you have with an implant acting as your new tooth’s root is nearly the same bite strength of a real tooth.

That means the freedom to choose anything you want off the menu! Not only will your diet once again be healthier and more balanced, but eating will be enjoyable again!

*Live Confidently*

If you truly want to regain confidence after tooth loss, dental implants give the best results.

That’s because, along with the self-esteem boost you’ll experience after filling those empty spaces in your smile , implants give you a unique sense of security in eliminating any anxiety about your teeth shifting around!

In other words, you will be able to smile, laugh, and socialize as confidently as you eat!

Visit Your Ballwin Dentist!

You don’t have to suffer the life-changing consequences of tooth loss.

You can visit your Ballwin dentist to explore our advanced strategies for replacing missing teeth! We can evaluate your situation and determine whether you would be a good candidate for dental implants, the best available option in modern dentistry!

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