Customize Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry! [BLOG]

Don’t let the love/hate relationship you have with your smile continue to drive you crazy! Make it look exactly the way you want with cosmetic dental solutions at The DentaLink in Ballwin, MO! Creating Custom Smiles With Cosmetic Dentistry Every one of our cosmetic dentistry services is designed to improve your smile, but not with a one-size-fits-all method. Our treatments will be catered ...

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Enjoy More Rest & Romance With Sleep Apnea Treatment! [INFOGRAPHIC]

When it’s time to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart, little energy is left for romance if you’re both sleep-deprived and cranky. But that’s one of the many unpleasant drawbacks of sleep apnea, night after night of loud snoring, tossing and turning, and daytime fatigue as far as the eye can see. There is a way, however, to enjoy more restful nights, as you’ll see in ...

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Let’s Fight Gum Disease Together! [VIDEO]

You don’t always know when bacteria is infecting your gums and threatening your teeth, which is why many refer to gum disease as a silent killer. Fortunately, when you’re our patient, you have a highly-skilled team on your side who is always equipped to help you combat gum disease in its earliest stages. We’re sharing a message from Dr. Link about this very issue in honor of Gum ...

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Is It Time For Me To Get Restorative Dentistry? [QUIZ]

Before the first month of the new year comes to an end, make sure you take advantage of high-quality restorative dentistry in St. Louis. That way, you can still give your oral health a fresh start so that 2020 is a year filled with enjoyable, pain-free eating and happy, confident smiling. Take today’s quiz to see if it’s time to restore your teeth now! Call The DentaLink now at ...

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Get Dental Implants For A Better Smile In 2020! [VIDEO]

Don’t let another year go by without having the healthy smile and the strong bite you deserve! Listen to Dr. Allan Link explain the life-changing difference dental implants can make for your health and quality of life. Then ask yourself if you’re ready to make 2020 a great year for your smile! Call The DentaLink now at 636-496-8584 or fill out our online form to schedule your ...

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Overcome Gum Disease In 2020! [VIDEO]

As we get closer to a brand new year, we want to encourage you to get back to better oral and overall health in 2020! Check out Lisa’s story about what gum disease was doing to her mouth, her smile, and her quality of life, and how we’ve been helping her fight back. Have a wonderful holiday and a great start to the new year with a healthier smile! Call The DentaLink now at 636-496-8584 or ...

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5 Oral Health Tips For The Holidays [LIST]

Throughout all your celebrating this season, your friends at The DentaLink want to help you maintain good oral health and a bright smile. That’s why we’re sharing this list of our best tips for protecting your teeth and gums as you enjoy the holidays. We also want to remind you to visit us after the festivities are over so you can begin the new year with strong teeth, a healthy mouth, ...

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Nightguards May Restore Your Silent Nights! [VIDEO]

This time of year, we sing songs about silver bells, chestnuts on an open fire, and silent, peaceful nights. But that doesn’t mean we’re all experiencing that kind of holiday joy! Some of us could be suffering from painful headaches, loud snoring and other sleep apnea symptoms, or dental problems from grinding our teeth. Here’s Dr. Allan Link talking about how we use custom ...

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Get Restorative Dentistry For A Healthy Holiday Smile! [BLOG]

Do you have problems with your teeth that make it hard to: Feel proud of the way your smile looks? Chew your food easily and comfortably? Enjoy socializing or smiling for pictures with confidence? Then you need to visit your St. Louis dentist at The DentaLink for restorative dental treatment! We offer several solutions for dental issues like tooth decay, damaged or infected teeth, ...

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Should You Enhance Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry? [QUIZ]

There is plenty of shopping to do, and there are lots of holiday parties and programs to attend, so basically, you just can’t hide out this time of year. That’s tough if you’re embarrassed about your smile. But your Ballwin dentist can help you with our wide-ranging cosmetic dentistry services! Take our quiz to see if it’s a good time to upgrade your smile so you can look great at ...

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