Enjoy Your New Smile Sooner with Fastbraces in Ballwin, MO

Dr Drew on Fastbraces

You may want straighter teeth, but you may not want to spend a year or more wearing braces. You may not have to if you come to our office. We offer Fastbraces in Ballwin, MO, which can:

  • Move your teeth in months
  • Give you a more attractive smile
  • Correct the same issues as traditional treatments
  • Give you greater confidence in your smile

To find out if this orthodontic option is right for you or someone in your family, call 636-496-8584 today. Schedule a consultation with one of our doctors at The DentaLink to get started on your new and improved smile.

Enhance Your Smile With Advanced Braces Technology

Braces have been used successfully to move teeth for decades. Braces can fix a number of issues. This includes closing gaps between teeth, straightening crooked and crowded teeth, and fixing bite issues such as overbites and underbites.

Yet many people hesitate to get braces. Knowing it can take 18 months, two years, and longer in some cases to complete your treatment can be discouraging. With Fastbraces, you could cut that time to around six months, and even less in some cases.

Fastbraces is an innovation on the old system of brackets and wires. Instead of square brackets, these advanced braces have unique triangular brackets. That changes the way pressure is applied to your teeth. This is combined with an advanced archwire to make the process smooth.

Because of those innovations, you change how your teeth move during your treatment. With traditional braces, your teeth move in stages, first in one direction, then in another. With our advanced braces technology, you can move your teeth in a more direct way to create your new smile in a fraction of the time.

Boost Your Confidence by Moving Your Teeth

Fair or not, your smile affects how you live your daily life. You may not feel confident because you have an overbite, a crooked smile, or a gap between your teeth. If that’s the case, you may feel uncomfortable talking to new people, whether that’s for work or in your personal life.

Don’t let your smile be an obstacle to enjoying your life. With orthodontic care, you can change more than just your smile. Yes, you can have teeth that are perfectly straight and neatly aligned. Beyond that, you can stop feeling self-conscious about your smile. You can feel good about going on a job interview or on a date with someone new.

You can make that change in less time with Fastbraces in Ballwin, MO. At The DentaLink, we’ve seen the great results these braces have created for adults and teenagers alike. We’ve also seen how a new smile can give people a new sense of self-confidence. To get that for yourself, call 636-496-8584 now to set up a consultation with one of our doctors.

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