Increase Your Smile’s Wattage with Teeth Whitening in Ballwin

If you’ve tried teeth whitening products from a drugstore, chances are your smile didn’t get as bright as you liked. To give you a truly dazzling smile, our teeth whitening in Ballwin has a higher concentration of active ingredients than you’ll find in any drugstore products.

Our teeth whitening treatment will give you:

  • A smile bright enough to get you noticed in social settings
  • A more youthful appearance
  • Enhanced self-confidence
  • A choice of whitening in our office or a take-home whitening kit
  • Professional advice if you have any questions

If you’re ready for a brighter smile, call 636-496-8584 to schedule your whitening appointment.

Get a Whiter Smile with a Treatment That Suits Your Schedule

Whenever we can, we like to offer cosmetic dentistry services to suit any schedule. So we offer two convenient teeth whitening options:

  • In-Office Treatment – For the fastest results, you’ll want to come to our office for a treatment with Sinsational Smile. It’s been recognized by The Dental Advisor as the top in-office whitening product. The combination of professional-strength gel and a special LED light gives you a smile up to five shades brighter after just 20 minutes.
  • Take-Home Treatment – While not as fast as our office treatment, you’ll get a brighter smile on your own schedule with Venus White. Unlike drugstore products, our team is only a phone call away if you have any questions.

Complement Your Bright Smile with Other Cosmetic Treatments

Once your smile is brighter, you may want to correct some of your other smile flaws like crooked teeth or chipped teeth. Among your choices:

  • Dental Veneers – When applied to the front surfaces of your teeth, these thin “shells” of toothlike material hide many flaws, including chips, gaps, and worn-down teeth.
  • Orthodontics – You can choose either Invisalign or Fastbraces, both of which straighten teeth in less time than conventional braces.
  • Gum Reshaping – Our laser quickly and painlessly removes excess gum tissue.
  • Tooth Contouring – A laser also works well for giving teeth a more uniform shape.
  • Tooth Bonding – Like veneers, this affordable treatment can cover imperfections.

Call 636-496-8584 for more information on teeth whitening in Ballwin, MO.

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