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Teeth Whitening

Overview of Teeth Whitening

Your smile has tremendous power – it determines first impressions, comforts family, puts business associates at ease, and conveys what words cannot. Even more importantly, your smile impacts the way you see yourself!

White teeth look healthy and give your face a youthful grace. Get that bright smile with professional teeth whitening at TheDentaLink.

With any system, it is only the gel that whitens, as it is activated by heat (including body heat). Increased environmental temperatures, including while product is shipping, reduces efficacy by 20 to 70 percent. There's no way for your dentist to determine the effectiveness until your treatment is completed.

"Evolve Dental Technologies has created an amazing product called KöR Whitening, formerly (and aptly) known as 'low sensitivity / deep bleaching.' Only KöR controls the temperature of the product to ensure predictable results. From gathering individual ingredients through manufacture and shipping, KöR is kept refrigerated at every stage."

Many dentists offer laser-activated bleaching, applied by a dental assistant. There are no clinical studies which determine the effect of the light, heat, and energy from the laser on the nerves of the teeth. Further, a study of more than 5,000 patients showed that lights and lasers do not improve the whitening capacity of the product. Teeth may look a bit brighter immediately after laser whitening, but they also look chalky because it dehydrates the enamel. Once teeth re-hydrate, they lose that extra whiteness. So, why take the chance when results from KöR are safe and remarkable?

During the KöR process we first condition your teeth, cleaning them to open the tubules so that they accept the fast-acting gel applied at your first session. You'll see improvement immediately, but the second KöR treatment delivers the "wow experience." For really tough staining like tetracycline, the process may take three sittings. We apply a desensitizing agent each time to ensure your comfort. Then, we provide custom-fit trays you use at home to keep that dazzling smile.

Embrace what a bright, attractive smile can do for you. Call TheDentaLink today to schedule a whitening appointment.

Teeth Bleaching

Teeth WhiteningMany patients want to achieve a brighter, whiter smile for a more attractive appearance. It is common for men and women to contact the team of TheDentaLink, LLC to discuss teeth bleaching options after being unhappy with the results of over-the-counter products. These strips, trays, and gels are often created with low concentrations of bleaching agents, providing little – if any – results. Instead, Dr. Allan Link and his team encourage patients to book an appointment at his practice to learn about the benefits of professional-grade teeth bleaching services.

At TheDentaLink, LLC, we recommend patients consider treatments such as KöR deep bleaching. This particular system of whitening uses specialized trays in conjunction with an in-office treatment. This service provides same day results, while the custom-made trays are sent home for personal use to maintain a brighter smile. By combining in-office power bleaching and take-home trays, patients rejuvenate their smiles quickly and easily with quality products.

The KöR deep bleaching starts with our in-office treatment. Patients begin with a thorough cleaning of the teeth and gums to remove any plaque and tartar that may inhibit the whitening gel from working properly. Then, the gums are protected with a special barrier gel before whitening gel is applied to the surfaces of the teeth. Patients rest easy while the whitening is performed. The bleach and barrier gel are removed from the teeth before another cleaning process is performed, and patients undergo a series of impressions to make their new whitening trays. They are sent home with their whitening trays and gel to whiten their smile in privacy.

The KöR deep bleaching system has many benefits. It provides fast, effective whitening in just one appointment. The results last for months, especially with continued efforts of whitening from the patient. Patients are encouraged to use their whitening trays regularly to maintain the results and enjoy their brilliantly beautiful smile longer than ever!

If you reside in the areas of Saint Louis or Ballwin, MO and want to find out more about KöR teeth bleaching, contact the team at TheDentaLink, LLC today. We can recommend the most appropriate way to rejuvenate the smile in a fast, easy, and affordable manner with today's quality whitening services.

Laser Treatment

Dr. Allan Link is a dentist who wants patients to have the best possible treatments available to them. When it comes to cosmetic enhancement of the smile, many patients book a consultation appointment with our dental team to learn about teeth whitening services. Many of these individuals have already attempted to brighten their smile using over-the-counter whitening kits, strips, and toothpastes with little results. They want to learn more about same-day whitening with long-lasting results. This is when our team of professionals discusses the benefits of professional teeth whitening services such as KöR deep bleaching.

KöR deep bleaching is a special bleaching process done right here in our office. It provides same day results and includes the use of a specialized take-home tray and concentrated gel for continued maintenance at home. Our team finds this process to be far less traumatic and longer lasting than alternatives such as laser treatment.

Laser treatment for whitening has many pitfalls. While the idea of brightening the smile in one day might sound alluring, laser teeth whitening may be problematic for many of our patients. Laser whitening generates heat, which increases sensitivity for patients. It also dehydrates the surfaces of the teeth, causing them to look whiter but unnaturally dull. While the laser treatment may brighten the teeth up to ten shades whiter, this is nothing in comparison to what KöR whitening can achieve. KöR deep bleaching often achieves whitening up to sixteen shades whiter – results unsurpassed by any other method! Additionally, the results of laser teeth whitening are very short-term. As the teeth become re-hydrated, the teeth darken and many patients are left unhappy with their smiles.

Instead, Dr. Allan Link of TheDentaLink, LLC encourages patient to consider the advantages of using KöR deep bleaching. Not only does it provide natural, beautiful results, but with the use of the take-home whitening kits, patients continue to brighten their smile and maintain the results for many months following their initial appointment. KöR deep bleaching eliminates the risk of sensitivity and gives patients the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful smile for an extended period.

Types of Teeth Whitening

Dr. Allan Link wants what is best for his patients. When individuals come to his practice at TheDentaLink, LLC asking about the types of teeth whitening, he is proud to offer the KöR deep bleaching system.

The KöR deep bleaching system is a method of teeth whitening highly desired by many patients who have been unhappy with over-the-counter whitening products. Many of these drugstores strips and trays are made with such low concentration that the whitening results are minimal. Patients want a brighter, more noticeably beautiful smile, and therefore know to turn to the professionals at TheDentaLink, LLC.

KöR deep bleaching starts with an in-office treatment. Patients are prepped with an initial cleaning of the teeth. This removes plaque and tartar from the surfaces of the gums and enamel which may inhibit the bleaching product from working its best. Once this is done, barrier gel is applied to the gum tissue. This protects the tissues from the bleaching gel to eliminate sensitivity, which may occur. Then, the bleaching gel is administered onto the surfaces of the teeth. The process is done while patients rest easy in the treatment chair. Once complete, the teeth are cleaned again and impressions are used to create whitening trays. Trays are made to fit precisely over the dental arch for even distribution of whitening gel at home. These trays may be used whenever patients feel it is necessary to boost the brilliance of their teeth and maintain the results achieved with the in-office services.

Dr. Allan Link avoids the use of laser teeth whitening. This is a treatment touted by many area dentists but provides short-term, unnatural results. Instead, we focus on providing quality treatment with long-term results, and therefore are proud to speak to patients about the KöR deep bleaching system. This method combines both in-office services and take-home trays. When used together, this system can achieve a brilliant, beautiful smile for patients.

At TheDentaLink, LLC, we assist patients in the communities of Ballwin and Saint Louis with achieving beautiful smiles. Contact our team today to learn more about our teeth whitening services, which provides amazing, affordable results!